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.Personal Benefits Overview
Personal Benefits – a new twist on your benefits

Personal Benefits are a simple, affordable way to help ensure you've got the financial protection and security you need.

Personal Benefits are:
  • portable and move with you even if you change employers - - you personally own your policy and it stays in effect as long as you choose to keep the coverage;
  • affordable with coverage that can be purchased for you, your spouse or your children;
  • easy for you to purchase through credit card or pre-authorized payment.
Please take a moment to tour through this site so that you become familiar with all the features of Personal Benefits or browse through the Personal Benefits Brochure.

Learn more about Personal Benefits Life Insurance.
Personal Life Insurance is term coverage made available through your benefits plan sponsor but is purchased by you.

This website is intended to assist you in making a decision about the purchase of Personal Benefits. It contains summaries of some of the features of our Personal Benefits policies. These features are set out in detail in the policy(ies) you will receive if you apply and are approved for coverage. In all cases, if there is a discrepancy between the policy(ies) and the summaries, the policy(ies) contents will take precedence.

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